Stroke Survivor Recovery Program

iStock_000025559039SmallAfter suffering a stroke, you may be overwhelmed with confusion, concern, resentment, and a whole host of questions regarding what you should do next. Here at the RTH Stroke Foundation, we understand the challenges that you might be faced with after suffering a stroke, and that is why we have developed a new program specifically catered to the survivors of stroke. Welcome to the RTH Stroke Foundation Stroke Survivor Recovery Program. Our goal is to help support the Stroke Survivor along with their family, friends, and caregivers, by providing resources to help aid in the aftermath of a Stroke.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is, “Where am I at in my recovery?” The RTH Stroke Foundation’s SSRP Team can help determine what care is best suited for you as the program realizes the challenges that one might be faced with when left with many unanswered questions in the aftermath of a Stroke. We are aware that the recovery period Post Stroke, is often a long journey, and through our resources and experienced staff, we strive through SSRP to improve the Stroke Survivor’s quality of life.

Patients accepted into our program will be guided throughout their recovery by our SSRP Team, which consists of a fully licensed Vocational Nurse and Stroke Case Manager who will assess each patient’s case and offer guidance, counseling, and referrals.

The SSRP Team will be committed to caring for the individual and their families during their transitional period. Below are a list of features our program will offer.

            • Stroke Case Manager
            • Vocational Nurse
            • Telephonic support, home visitation
            • Counseling, education, answering of any questions
            • Care coordination and long term management
            • Subacute Care Facility
            • Skilled Nursing Facility
            • Residential Care Facility
            • Home Care

If you have suffered from stroke and need resources catered to your particular case, look no further. Call us today at 888 794 9466 and ask to speak with SSRP Team Leader Tiffanie Hylland who will listen to your case, offer suggestions, and assist you with enrollment. The SSRP Program is free to patients and subsidized through donations. Currently, enrollment is restricted to patients of Southern California. Feel free to download our printable brochure in the link below for more information on SSRP.

SSRP Brochure