Social Media

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Each year, we spend a large amount of money and resources in combating stroke and raising awareness, however, one of the simplest methods to combat against stroke is free and anybody can contribute. When you like one of our pages via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networks, you are directly contributing to the fight against stroke by raising awareness of the medical condition and our organization’s cause to drastically mitigate its presence in our society. In our current day and age, fighting stroke by spreading awareness has never been easier, all it takes is a click of the mouse or tap of the tablet. We’ve now made raising awareness of stroke even easier by installing social media buttons on our website, so if you visit one of our pages and find any information beneficial, like that page and tell others about your experience through social networks, by doing so, you could save a life. We will be adding more network buttons as time goes on. After liking one of our pages, feel free to visit the RTH Stroke Foundation’s main Facebook page and like us, we need all the support we can get in the fight against stroke.