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Here at the RTH Stroke Foundation, we are constantly seeking out new fronts in which to combat the prevalence of stroke in the United States. We understand that stroke typically impacts individuals later on in their lives, but there are usually a string of causes throughout a person’s life that lead to the stroke. Causes, that if were addressed early on, may have saved that person from the impact of stroke. The RTH Stroke Foundation has done much over the years to educate and assist the victims and families of stroke survivors, but we know now that in order to fully remove stroke as a leading cause of death and disability in our society, we have to start from early-on with the next generation of Americans. We at the RTH Stroke Foundation are now unveiling a new program in which we hope will grow over time and reduce the impact of stroke on the next generation, this program goes under the acronym of (S.M.A.R.T.®), which stands for: Students learning about stroke and Making healthy lifestyle choices. Aware of Risk  factors. Teaching others that stroke is 80% preventable.

High School Students Taking Part In Group DiscussionAs a result of our implementation of the SMART Program, the RTH Stroke Foundation will now be visiting schools throughout Southern California, with intents to educate school-aged children on the signs and symptoms of stroke, and the measures they can take in their lives to grow into healthy adults. We believe that if students are educated on stroke, they will reduce the impact of stroke on our society by calling for emergency services when they believe a stroke is occurring. We also believe that their knowledge of stroke will be spread to their family members and reduce the impact of stroke on our society at large. As of the second quarter of 2016, we have already educated approximately 753 students in over 28 classes, in 72 hours of class time. We have plans to educate an estimated 1500 by the close of 2016, with intents to expand the program throughout 2 counties in multiple high schools by 2017. Download our brochure and additional documents below for further information on this new and exciting program.

If you are a principle, educator, or authority of a school in the Southern California region, we would like to hear from you. Contact Philip, the Director of the program today.

(949) 305-8450 or (888) 794-9466

If you would like to learn more about this free and exciting program, please download the printable brochure below and contact us for further information about how you can implement the SMART Program in your school.
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