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Our next Seminar is on 7/23/15 in Los Angeles. Sign up to attend and receive free blood screenings.

2015 Stroke Fundraiser Event

Visit here to learn more about this year’s upcoming fundraiser featuring celebrity guest, Dan Dotson.

Stroke Survivor Recovery Program

We are proud to introduce our new Stroke Survivor Recovery Program.

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Attend a Free Seminar

We host two Stroke Support Groups that meet several times a month in two different regions of Orange County. Visit here to learn more.

Attend a Free Seminar

Today stroke is the Number 4 cause of death, and the leading cause of adult disability in the U.S.

Click here to watch the testimonials of Stroke Survivors in our community and learn more about our Foundation and its goals through the words of the Foundation’s President, Deborah Massaglia. Watch the next video and get a spectator’s eye-view of one of our many free Seminars that we host annually throughout the Los Angeles and Orange county regions.

Progress towards our 2015 goals:

Stroke Seminars Held

Number of People Educated

Number of Screenings