RTH Stroke Foundation Attends Carnival of Love – Provides Screenings For Hundreds


(Reposted From Facebook) Our foundation was honored to have been a part of the 3rd Annual Skid Row Carnival of Love this Saturday where we educated THOUSANDS of people in this homeless community on stroke prevention. Thank you to Keck Medicine of USC for allowing us to join you and provide hundreds of free blood pressure screenings.

Music filled the streets, along with carnival games, face painting, clowns, and many “FREE HUGS!”. Additionally, so many amazing local organizations came together to provide medical, legal, and hygiene assistance; including: feet washing, mobile showers, barbershops/hair cuts, counseling, blood pressure and glucose screenings, HIV and STD checks, insurance companies, legal companies, and so many more! Starbucks even hired 3 people!

Free hygiene bags were passed out to every attendee, along with thousands of donated items including: clothes, socks, shoes, blankets, strollers, toys, feminine products, and so much more. Food trucks were also providing free food and water.

A HUGE thank you to Wayfarer Entertainment and Justin Baldoni for organizing this event. It truly was a beautiful day filled with love, support, and education.





RTH Kicks Off The New Year With 2 Successful Seminars

This week, the RTH Stroke Foundation kicked off its first set of seminars for the year. The first Seminar was delivered at Anaheim High School on Tuesday to the parents of students that went through our S.M.A.R.T.® Program. The second seminar on Depression and Stroke was delivered in Reseda to the community at the Housing Authority. There will be many more seminars in the coming weeks and months, see our events calendar for a list of these seminars and register online or call us today.




Our Anaheim Seminar in partnership with Anaheim High School, delivered to the parents of S.M.A.R.T.® students by UCI’s Dana Stradling and translated into Spanish by our newest member of the team, Esmeralda Garcia.


Our Reseda Seminar in partnership with the Housing Authority, delivered by President Deborah Massaglia.


A man whose life was saved during a carotid artery screening at our previous seminar in Reseda. The technician discovered a major blockage in his carotid and the man underwent surgery soon after to have it removed.


New Year – New Methods for Stroke Recovery Emerge

Doctors have begun to use electrodes to “stimulate” areas of the brain affected by strokes. The new treatment, which was first tested on a patient back in December has already brought about improvement in her previously paralyzed arm. The patient, Judy Slater was left paralyzed on her left side from a stroke she suffered last May and said the Deep Brain Stimulation treatment she received has already led to “improvements” and she can now “move her arm to about shoulder length” according to the article published by TIME.

Doctors are optimistic that this new form of treatment coupled with physical therapy will restore some, if not most motor-function lost during strokes. It was not clear as to when the treatment will be streamlined, as it is still in the developmental phase, but if made available to the public, it could revolutionize post stroke recovery.

To see the full article by TIME, select here.