RTH Foundation Unveils Its Shadow of Stroke Campaign

Last week, the RTH Stroke Foundation unveiled its new ‘Shadow of Stroke Campaign’ which was created in an effort to spread vital awareness on stroke to the public. Many institutions and organizations have their own flyers and infographics circulating around the internet that spread stroke awareness and the Foundation felt that it was time to produce their own.

The mission of the RTH Stroke Foundation’s new campaign is to educate the public on the symptoms of stroke as well as the risk factors that increase an individual’s chance of having one. A secondary objective of the campaign is to create a novel characterization of stroke that people can associate the disease with. Instead of thinking of stroke as a single symptom or risk factor, the Foundation hopes to embody the disease in the character of a shadow that follows us in our daily lives in each and every decision we make. The shadow is symbolic of all the risk factors and symptoms as a whole.

The shadow of stroke takes the lives of 130,000 people in the United States each year, and the final aim of the campaign is to make the public understand that the shadow is 80% preventable and does not have to happen with appropriate exercise and thoughtful eating.

Currently, there are 3 infographics up on the Shadow of Stroke website to kick start the campaign, and more graphics as well as video content will be produced and added to the site in the coming months.

The RTH Stroke Foundation alone can not make this campaign successful however, it is from our great visitors, friends, and allies like you in the fight against stroke, that we need help from in spreading this information. The RTH Stroke Foundation encourages all of our visitors, friends, and more to download the infographics and share the message online or through print with everyone they know.

Together, we can make the Shadow of Stroke fade away forever.

Select here to go to the Shadow of Stroke website!