Top USC Neurologist and RTH to host informative stroke lunch

Register today and hurry! Only 20 seats available at this highly informative and beneficial event. This event will take place Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the Verdugo Hills Hospital in Verdugo Hills, CA. Hosting the meeting will be renowned Neurologist, Nerses Sanossian, MD, who will inform attendees on the nature of stroke and stroke prevention tactics. Lunch will be provided, courtesy of Verdugo Hills Hospital, so enroll to today, you don’t want to miss this event!


Lunch and Learn

New Website Live

Last week the Foundation went live with its new website. The website now features a responsive template that will optimize itself for the device that is accessing it. Previously, our website would not adapt to different devices and the fonts and information were rendered too small for mobile and tablet users. As part of our effort to continue serving the public and our community, we have implemented these upgrades with hopes to better disseminate information on stroke awareness and prevention. While the upgrade is complete, we are still updating the various pages of our site and fixing errors that occurred during the transition. Most of these problems should be cleared by next month. If you are having trouble accessing a page, registering for an event, or finding information, please call us at (888) 794 9466. Thank you.